As offices around the UK paused, or even emptied, while employees watched the England vs Wales match, one wonders what is the balance employers should strike between Productivity and Happiness. On one hand the football this afternoon meant at least 1/3 of the MarketInvoice office was away from our desks for 90 minutes. On the other, watching that match together fosters a real sense of company spirit and reinvigorates us when we got back to work. 

You can't measure everything with the same ROI stick; productivity loss in man hours, which the Daily Mail estimates at £200m across the nation, may have been balanced out by increased employee engagement and better long term collaboration across teams - which we all know leads to improved effectiveness in the long term.

With the technology we have today, should we not be empowered to be productive from anywhere, whether it's at home, on a train or while watching a match?